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December 26, 2014



Well it's not quite 3.43 a.m. as I post this reply Julie. I've found my Blue Ocean and think I could do with some swimming partners. ( Bring your own costume).
But let me de-cipher.
My contribution will break the bind of Fair Trade/Free Trade and mean coffee farmers worldwide earn far greater profits for their efforts. Empowering them to release their children from the land to attend school, and give them fair access to life-changing education. It's highly branded, and totally "For-Profit" . The shareholders ARE the farmers.
I'm alone on this one so far, and I'd love to share the story of "WHY" with you in Dropbox. Dip your toe, and if it's not for you, there's always the recliner by the heated swimming pool.
Somehow though,Julie, I think you'd prefer the blue waves crashing over............
Robbie McGinley (linkedin)

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